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Meet The Team

The Hey DUBY crew love to sing songs as they travel through different times and places telling many adventurous stories along the way. They have a passion to make learning fun.

Our Music

Duby Time

Our theme song introducing the group and a fun song to jump up and dance to.

Flat Cat

A fun story song featuring Jay Jay the cat. There is an alternative version on YouTube for the more sensitive children.

Freight Train

A story song where Duby has a dream that he is a freight train travelling around the country.

I Can Count

One of our educational focused songs. It is a fun way to count up to ten and then to twenty as children can dance and sing at the same time.

Our Activities


Add colour to these pictures of Hey DUBY characters.


A collection of activities that assist the learning of young children.


A collection of fun reading eBooks.


A collection of playful and fun activity sheets.